Pathway to Glory

by Marge Simon


    It is delicious here, watching the guests at this exclusive retreat. Within its walls, a haven is provided for the wealthy and ostensibly pious. The staff in pristine white uniforms is ever present. Their services are available for every possible request, from a bible or a copy of the Torah, to a prayer rug. Even needs of a sexual nature are provided, assuredly discrete.  Afternoon tea with delectable scones and clotted cream is served at four. After tea, there is a thick pine forest off the deck where patrons may stroll about the woods and enjoy the brisk air before dark. The mountain setting is always a refreshing change for them. Each and all feel assured that the myriad paths would always take them back to the resort.  

                   In the breathless darkness
                   Sanctifies all sins

  But now, their vacation is ending. A few guests will take a last walk into the forest before time to return to their hectic lives in the real world, some in pairs, some alone. In a clearing shines a sublime light. It is just the sort of place one couple intends to kneel and give thanks to their lord for this wonderful holiday. Naturally, they plan to engage in a bit of  hanky-panky as well. Like a doorway to heaven, it draws them on. Crouched in the thick undergrowth, the beautiful angel known as Glory awaits their arrival. Wings folded, she flexes her claws and licks her lips.           

                  Deeds to be reckoned
                  Resolved to earth again
                  And lost, all human trace



Marge Simon is an award-winning poet/writer. Her works have appeared in Daily Science Fiction, New Myths, Silver Blade, Polu Texni, Crannog, JoCCA and numerous pro anthologies. She is a multiple Stoker winner and Grand Master Poet of the SF & F Poetry Association. She attends the ICFA as a guest annually, and is on the board of HWA. Marge’s website: and her Amazon Author page:

Published 7/16/20