They Watch by Ivanka Fear

Green eyed marbles
glowing in the dark
their vampire fangs showing.
Vertical slits
dilating and constricting
haunting as they prowl.
Snake eyes
rolling 11’s, the deuces are wild

Deities –
their oblivious slaves
worshipping at their feet.
Ambushers –
unsuspecting innocents
fall prey to their tricks.

their familiar faces
feigning indifference.
these spies amongst us
hiding in plain view.
ancient beings
biding their time.

They watch.
They wait.


Ivanka Fear is a retired teacher turned writer from Ontario, Canada. She enjoys reading and writing, especially of the mysterious variety. Her poems and stories appear in numerous magazines, including Spadina Literary Review, Montreal Writes, Adelaide Literary, Scarlet Leaf Review, Aphelion, Utopia Science Fiction, Polar Borealis, and Bewildering Stories. She enjoys gardening, and spending time with her husband, two grown children, and cat.


Published 10/15/19