15 of America’s Most Haunted Cemeteries by Tricia Urlaub

There is always speculation surrounding the existence of ghosts in cemeteries, but those who have witnessed strange phenomenon and ghostly apparitions will assure you spirits dwell near their final resting places.

Below is a list of, what is believed to be, 15 of American’s most haunted cemeteries. Keep in mind that permission to investigate these sacred grounds may be (and most likely is) necessary. Also, entering and investigating these cemeteries is done at your own risk.

1) St. Louis Cemetery in New Orleans, Louisiana. Many ghosts are believed to haunt this cemetery but Marie Laveau, Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, is the most infamous. As the oldest cemetery in New Orleans, St. Louis Cemetery is a ghost hunters dream with ornate tombs built above ground (due to the marshy land) and mysterious mausoleums. Visitors have experienced the sounds of weeping coming from within the tombs, as well as seeing transparent figures walking among the crumbling memorials.

2) Resurrection Cemetery in Chicago, Illinois. Home of the famous urban legend “Bloody Mary.” Mary was murdered along an avenue next to the cemetery. She was leaving the funeral of a loved one, one cold, rainy night. Bloody Mary roams the highway, always hitchhiking, asking to be let off at the gates of the cemetery. Once there, she disappears before the driver’s eyes.

3) Greenwood Cemetery in Decatur, Illinois. A ghost boy named Michael walks among the graves in this cemetery. Sometimes he can get very angry and run up to a visitor and punch them, or try to knock them down. The ghosts of flood victims are believed to haunt this cemetery as well, particularly a girl named Maggie Jane, who follows visitors then waves goodbye to them as they leave. A witch is also believed to haunt this cemetery.

4) Acacia Cemetery in Chicago, Illinois. Haunted by The Christmas Tree Captain, Herman Schuenemann captain of Rouse Simmons. Though Schuenemann’s body is not buried at Acacia Cemetery due to his ship having been lost at sea, his wife is buried here. The smell of fresh cut spruce and balsam is said to emanate from her gravesite.

5) El Campo Santo Cemetery in San Diego, California. Many folks have reported sightings of Native American ghosts, supposed park employees dressed in period costume, a woman in Victorian costume and apparitions slipping between and through tombstones. The cemetery, built in 1849 was partially covered by a street and still other graves have been desecrated in one way or another over the years. Such turmoil is believed to anger and stir up the dead, which leads to an increase in ghostly activity.

6) Salem Cemetery in Hendrysberg, Ohio. The ghost of Kirkwood Township’s first murdered citizen haunts this cemetery, Louiza Fox. She has been seen crying at her grave and has been seen at the site of her murder. Hounds from Hell, or ghost dogs are believed to roam and growl their way through this cemetery. Some believe they exist to keep the ghosts from escaping.

7) Stull Cemetery in Stull, Kansas. Some believe Satan himself holds meetings here with his lost worshippers. This cemetery has been called “The Seventh Gate to Hell” as well as “The Cemetery of the Damned.” A legend exists regarding this cemetery and the burial of Satan’s only half-human son. Having died at a mere 10 years of age, this “boy” can present himself as a dog, cat or wolf. At the Spring and Autumnal equinoxes, lights and evil forces are supposed to materialize above this boy’s unmarked grave.

8) Garden of Hope Cemetery in Gautier, Mississippi. During the late 1970’s, a family of five was murdered. This murdered family was buried in the Garden of Hope Cemetery and the three children have been seen playing among the tombstones here. There is another story of a man who climbs out of his grave, only to steal the flowers from other graves to grace his own.

9) Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery in Chicago, Illinois. Access to this cemetery is gained only by a narrow road, as it is no longer in use. This cemetery has numerous sightings of full-bodied apparitions as well as a ghostly farmhouse. Never seen in the same place twice, the house is said to be white with pillars, have a porch swing and one single light burning in the window. This ghostly farmhouse always disappears before the visitor can get close to it. Bachelor’s Grove was also a known dumping ground for Prohibition Era gangsters.

10) Forest Lawns Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Rocky Marciano, the “Greatest Boxing Champion” of all time was buried in this cemetery, along with his wife, Barbara. Orbs have been seen around their graves as well as photos taken of ghostly Rocky. A woman named Diane, dressed in a long pink gown is known to have no care for moving vehicles within the cemetery and floats right in front of cars, only to disappear right before she is hit.

11) Mt. Carmel Cemetery in Chicago, Illinois. Home of “The Italian Bride.” A girl named Julia is buried here, having died from complications during childbirth, alongside her stillborn infant. After her death, her mother had recurrent dreams about Julia, who visited her in these dreams pleading with her to exhume her body. Upon doing so, Julia was found to be uncorrupted by death and looking as natural and pure as the day she was buried. Some believed this should secure her sainthood. Regardless, her ghost has been witnessed roaming the cemetery grounds, as well as the surrounding buildings and streets around the cemetery.

12) Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles, California. Previously known as Hollywood Memorial Park, this cemetery is reportedly haunted by Virginia Rappe, Clifton Webb, and the “Lady in Black” is oftentimes seen nearby Rudolph Valentino’s crypt. Definitely a more publicized, touristy location than the average ghost hunter might prefer. However, the beauty and rich history of America’s dead entertainers in this cemetery is bound to satisfy anyone’s (even a ghost hunters) curiosities.

13) Peck Cemetery in Decatur, Illinois. Strange lights and apparitions are said to have been witnessed in this cemetery. Blue light has been seen flickering above and weaving its way around gravestones, only to disappear in the nearby woods. Occultists are believed to meet in this cemetery, which, some believe, stir up the dead and make ghosts more active.

14) Western Burial Ground, Westminster Presbyterian Churchyard in Baltimore, Maryland. Famous folks such as Edgar Allen Poe, son of Francis Scott Key and assorted American politicians have been buried on these grounds. There are catacombs located beneath the church, and it is said that some people were buried alive and appear in the catacombs to relay their tale to the living. Edgar Allen Poe is said to roam these grounds, especially around his birthdate, January 19th.

15) Chestnut Hill Cemetery in Exeter, Rhode Island. This cemetery boasts the ghost of Marcy Brown, a poor young girl who died in 1892. Supposedly, she visited her father every night after her death, pleading with him for food. The father grew to believe his daughter had become a vampire, and convinced the local officials to exhume her body and drain it of remaining blood and remove her organs. This violating act may just be the reason Marcy Brown haunts this cemetery day and night.

Published 8/15/19