Tales from the Moonlit Path was originally published from 2005-2010. Much blood, sweat, and tears went into each and every issue, and a whole lot of wonderfully terrifying fiction and poetry was packed in there, as well. After 8 years, we have decided to resurrect Tales to give talented speculative fiction and horror writers another venue for their creativity. We will be publishing issues every 3 months (or so) and will always be open to submissions. Our submissions guideline page will inform authors as to the appropriate deadlines. Be on the lookout for our contests, too!

Tricia Urlaub, co-editor, has loved the horror genre for decades and has had dozens of stories and articles published. Coming from a pretty impressive family of horror writers, Tricia finds tremendous joy in writing, reading, and bringing the horror genre to life through this humble e-magazine.

Carlos R Savournin, co-editor,  is the author of 3 novels and dozens of short stories and articles. His favorite pastime is watching horror films and reading dark fiction. He currently lives in Miami, Florida where he is working on his 4th novel and enjoying his time reading through all the submissions to Moonlit Path.

Your humble poetry editor, Terrie Leigh Relf, has also been in-love with horror for quite a few decades. In addition to being a poet herself, she loves to read – and share – the work of others. What better place for a person like her than being a poetry editor for this wonderfully-disturbing e-magazine.

John T. Plunket is a long-time horror enthusiast who loves discovering old and new stories and films in the genre.  He sometimes writes about horror at http://coldhandinmine.blogspot.com/