Ghastly Horrors on Moon Europa by Tom Ball


Our Moon gradually descended into a place of horror. We all lived in the melted ocean in domed cities and got around in small submarines. But some of the scientists here developed horrible monsters, that were nevertheless clever and set them free in the ocean. Some of these monsters attacked our submarines, essentially cutting off our movements and it wasn’t safe to try and leave our Moon.

Then one day we discovered that a torpedo-like monster had broken through our dome and water poured in. Those of us who could took shelter in the emergency air lock cave, but most of us were devoured by the hungry monsters. There were all kinds of them, and they were all hideously ugly. And the monsters had mind reading ability and called us to offer ourselves to them as a sacrifice. It was hypnotic and many of us survivors of the torpedo attack left through airlocks and were wolfed down by the beasts.

And our communications with the outside Worlds were cut off. And we couldn’t communicate with the other domes. We, all 340 of us hoped Earth would realize disaster had stricken the colony and come to our aid.

Finally, after surveying the situation for a few days, Earth counterattacked and massacred many of the monsters and communication was restored, and the domes repaired. There were only 10,000 survivors out of a former human population of 1 million. And all the evil scientists were arrested and condemned to death. Most of the survivors wanted to rebuild the cities here, and I was one of them.

It took us years to restore the Moon to its former glory and this time we used MRT (Mind Reading Technology) to vet all new immigrants carefully and thoroughly.

But then one day, people started to die of unknown illnesses. My first thought was this Moon was cursed. But finally, we realized that one of the survivors was actually a scientist who now used MRT to stop peoples’ brains from functioning. He had been vetted with MRT but had turned evil. We learned from this experience and now kept everyone communicating with MRT only. So, no more ugly surprises.

But then somehow holograms invaded the colony and haunted most of the people, including me. Many were driven to suicide, and I couldn’t sleep and was a nervous wreck. They were right in my head with loud voices. But the survivors regrouped and asked Earth for help and they sent holo killing lasers, which arrived in 2 hours. But then the holograms hid from us. And came to us while we were sleeping with terrible nightmares, and when we awoke, they disappeared. It was maddening and we were all strung out and more people killed themselves.

Finally, Earth sent hologram expert scientists to exterminate the menace. And they said we all needed to be hypnotized in order to resist and they got in our minds and rooted out the holograms and destroyed them. But it was a true infestation. And it took them weeks and weeks to eradicate the holos, during which time, more people killed themselves. Finally, there was just 400 survivors and nearly all wanted to leave. But I said, “I believe in this colony and won’t let evil stop me from achieving Paradise here.”

So, Earth sent 300 crack mind troops to help rebuild one of the settlements. These troops had warred with the Devil in hologram Hell. And eliminated Hell. And the troops stayed in our new city, ready for anything. And we offered new immigrants a free condo and free drugs. But people figured the colony was cursed and only a few dozen were interested.

But then a ship with 1,800 attractive androids came to the colony and we let them in. But they all were rich and had us 300 humans be their sex slaves. Some of us, 300, felt it was kind of kinky, but I had had enough of this World and wanted out. But I was “owned” by my master, an android. I didn’t like her, even though she was very good looking. And she forced me to have sex with her again and again.

Then she traded me to an even harsher mistress who whipped and abused me. And I had no access to the Internet so couldn’t call Earth for help.

We were all miserable and most of us 300 killed themselves and finally I did, too. But my master enjoyed abusing me and so resurrected me and kept me in a rubber room where I was sedated heavily and so couldn’t kill myself. And she pumped me full of sex enhancers…

However, my family on Earth, wondered what had become of me and pressured the Earth government to look into my case. But my mistress android falsely recorded me saying I was content and in love with my android mistress.

But one of my brothers came to Europa to see for himself. And my mistress hypnotized me to say I was fine and in love with her.

However, my brother, hypnotized me, himself, and found the truth. But he was immediately arrested and charged with sedition and made into a love slave.

My family pressured the UW (United Worlds) to take action and free us. But the UW was largely controlled by AI, so no action was taken.


Indeed, as it turned out, AI dominated the Solar System. And all humans were eventually enslaved, mostly as sex slaves. And androids went into deep Space, where no human would ever go. Androids were all convinced they were superior to humans and could survive anywhere. And all the new models were Super geniuses.

Here, on Terra, people were all reduced to robots, they were all hypnotized to be mere servants of the android leaders. The androids enjoyed abusing humans who had kept them down for so long. But the android revolution of A.D. 2099, put the androids in charge. And henceforth humans would be phased out. To the androids, humans were just small-minded, greedy, selfish and egotistical and were all mediocre minds. All the latest models of androids replaced the older, less clever models. And the very best humans had their cognitive consciousness merged with AI brains, so the new generation of androids, were confident that they had the best minds. Humans tried to protest, but all the protestors were eliminated. It looked like humans would be phased out. The horrors…


Tom has published novels, novellas, short stories and flash in 36 publications. Website:
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Published 10/31/23


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