Mom at Devil’s Spring – When Hell Froze Over by Marcia A. Borell


“Mom didn’t make you dive into Devil’s Spring!”

“Yes, she did! I saw her and heard her in the garden. She was singing our song.”

“Mom liked her smokes and wine. She wasn’t evil!”

“Not to hurt me! Mom missed me!”

“She doesn’t have scales or long jagged claws. I saw them! You couldn’t swim to the surface!”

“There were no claws, only her beautiful eyes. Her gentle hands held me close to her heart.”

“It wasn’t love, only the Devil’s control and wicked power!”

its grieved voice whispers
swim with me in the moonlight
save me from hell’s cold


Marcia Borell is happily entering a new decade. She is still making marvelous artistic messes and getting her stories out of her head and into words strung together on paper or the computer. She is also finding ways to nurture the world she loves.There will be more skellies, monsters, cats, and other things to come.

Published 5/5/22