Fiendish Father’s Day Challenge Winners


In honor of the wicked spirit of Father’s Day – that you’ll only find here at Tales from the Moonlit Path – our horror magazine presented a particularly fiendish challenge.

Daring souls from all over shared with us their most haunting tales of paternal terror and macabre fatherly encounters. From chilling anecdotes of monstrous fathers to unnerving recollections of supernatural paternal figures, the submissions delved into the deepest corners of this day.

Brace yourselves for a bone-chilling journey into the twisted minds of these exceptional storytellers. Their nightmarish tales will forever be etched in our minds, serving as a testament to the unsettling power of fathers gone awry.

We extend victory to John M. Floyd for his story, Lucifer, for his (seemingly) quiet piece of horror that proves to have some pretty hearty horns. 

And, honorable mentions go out to Megan Diedericks, E. Michael Lewis, and Anthony Roberts for their truly captivating, fiendish tales.







Lucifer by John M. Floyd



The Void by Megan Diedericks

Daddy Magic by E. Michael Lewis

The Best Father’s Day Ever by Anthony Roberts






The original Fiendish Father’s Day rules:

Welcome to our First Ever Fiendish Father’s Day Challenge. We thought we’d give mothers a break this year and focus on their kooky counterparts! After all, it takes two to tango – which means that all of these years we’ve let the other half of that tango slide….. well, no longer!

In honor of this year’s Father’s Day, we’re looking for the most horrifying and spine-chilling tales that center around fathers. Whether it’s a story of a father who takes things too far, a father who has a dark secret, or a father who is just plain evil, we want to hear it all.

Give us your best horrific Father’s Day story to be published in our Fiendish Father’s Day Issue June 2023. Please read the guidelines below. We look forward to your submissions!


Keep stories under 2,000 words and please include word count in email.

Must be themed around Fiendish Fathers.

Submit your story to

Submission must be in the body of the email, no attachments please.

Clearly label your submission “FIENDISH FATHER’S DAY CHALLENGE: Last Name: Story Title”.

You are welcome to submit a story for both the challenge and regular magazine content but please, just one challenge submission.

Your challenge entry must not be submitted elsewhere.

Challenge submission deadline is June 2, 2023 for possible inclusion in June 15th, 2023 issue.

Honorable mentions will be published. Any challenge submission is your pre-approval of publication in our June 2023 Issue without additional notification to you.

One Grand Prize Winner receives $50 via PayPal.