Grave Spirits by Abby DeSantis


moss laden marble pillars
standing like silent sentinels
bathe in light under ill moon
in twilight’s shrouded shadows

rows of sunken gravestones
worn epitaphs of forgotten souls
crumble under the watchful gaze
of hallowed stone martyrs

mist formed by silver tears
cloaking contorted tree branches
their long skeletal fingers quiver
under crepuscular sky

disembodied whispers lament
hollow murmurs of untold stories
and cryptic secrets
echo in the howling wind

tormented earthbound spirits
the unseen of night and fog
caught between two worlds
longing to be shepherded

to their eternal home


Abby DeSantis is a retired fashion executive from New York. She was inspired to write poetry in 2019 after attending a local poetry reading. Her poems are about nature, hope, and the human condition. Abby’s poetry has appeared in numerous international  anthologies and on-line journals.  She currently  lives in rural northeastern Pennsylvania with her husband and several furry and feathered friends.

Published 10/28/21

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