Welcome page Holiday issue 2019

The holidays are once again upon us. The cold (and for many, snow) has set in. Salvation Army bells greet us at brick and mortar stores and flashy, irresistible sales greet us at every online shop. 

Aside from the glitz and the manufactured comfort of the season, there are many people who have a particular disdain for this time of year. Whatever the reason, forced happiness, much like Splenda, can leave an exaggerated sickly-sweet taste in your mouth.

That’s why we’re here, with our headless and rising-from-the-frozen-grave snowmen…. to counteract those perfectly-decorated gingerbread men and gracefully-adorned tinseled trees. To remind you that for every Hallmark movie where the guy gets the girl, there are those hidden places where werewolves are gathering for support and child-eating monsters are lurking beneath colorful carousels.   

Happy holidays, readers and contributors! And we wish you a healthy, happy, and hauntingly fun New Year!