Presumption by Marcia A. Borell


The dark prince desired a special coffin for his ideal woman. It would be shaped like a heart and constructed from glowing rosewood. When it was finished, he tested the sumptuous layers of padding and the silky elegance of the ruby-red interior. Satisfied, he had it moved into the sacred area under the tower. Light would never touch her, his beautiful plaything forever.

It took a century to find her, a year to woo her, a night to possess her, and a day of earthquakes to destroy her.

teeth and hair decay
porcelain skin shall whither
sunshine eats your bride


Marcia Borell has never encountered an art medium she didn’t like. As she began doing more and more illustration work, she discovered that she loved to pair writing with an illustration. That was when she discovered drabbles. These 100 word tales became one of her favorite writing activities. Then along came horrorku, and a new love for expressing thoughts emerged, where once again every word has to hold its own. Marcia is loving her life journey through writing and art.

Published 2/16/23

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