Ghost Story by Kevin Patrick McCann


Nothing is seen,
Someone said,
Just heard:
Rustle of crinoline,
Small hours weeping,
Footsteps on the stairs.

Awake suddenly,
His eyes rake through shadows,
Breath staining the air
As a weight, unseen,
Lifts off a creaking chair
Sheets and blankets roll back,
An Arctic chill pools the pillow,
Nuzzles his sweat matted hair.


Kevin Patrick McCann has published eight collections of poems for adults, one for children, Diary of a Shapeshifter (Beul Aithris), a book of ghost stories, It’s Gone Dark (The Otherside Books), Teach Yourself Self-Publishing (Hodder), co-written with the playwright, Tom Green, and Ov (Beul Aithris Publications), a fantasy novel for children. He writes regularly for International Times and most weeks, publishes a new poem there.

Published 10/27/22

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