Holiday Horror Challenge 12/30/21



With some quick turns of a screw, the bomb was securely attached. He smiled – which he never did – set the timer for three hours, and slid out from underneath the vehicle.

He wore red to mix in. No one stopped him as he went about his work. Tonight, it would end. He abhorred this man. He stood for everything despicable. His explosive demise would happen over Madagascar.

Did the bomber want his target’s job? Certainly not!

It was the name thing: They were anagrams. He was around long before Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky and was tired of their names being confused.

Before long, spellcheck would never again ask him if by “Satan” he meant “Santa.”

–Hell Check by Mike Murphy


The Holidays…

Those two words can send shivers down your spine…

Whether you are getting together with friends, family or going it alone, the holidays are a stressful time filled with expectations and obligations. Yes, there’s bright twinkly joy and good will to men, of course, but here at Tales from the Moonlit Path, we long to see the other side of the gingerbread cookie. 




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  • Keep stories to under 2,000 words and please include word count in email.
  • Must be themed around holiday horror – November & December holidays, please. 
  • Submit your story to
  • Submission must be in the body of the email, no attachments please.
  • Clearly label your submission “HOLIDAY HORROR CHALLENGE: Last Name: Story Title”.
  • You are welcome to submit a story for both the challenge and regular magazine content but please, just one challenge submission.
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  • Challenge submission deadline  is December 20, 2021 for possible inclusion on December 30, 2021 in our current Halloween issue. 
  • Honorable mentions will be published. Any challenge submission is your pre-approval of publication without additional notification to you.
  • Winner receives $50 via PayPal.