Fiction – Fiendish Father’s Day 2023



Welcome to the spine-chilling realms of Tales from the Moonlit Path, where we unveil a truly devilish delight in celebration of Father’s Day. As the shadows shorten (for a few more days) and the air grows thick with sinister whispers, we invite you to explore the malevolent mysteries that lie within the pages of our Fiendish Father’s Day issue.

Prepare to descend into the depths of terror as we unravel tales of wicked fathers, eerie paternal figures, and the haunting legacies they leave behind. From blood-curdling encounters to macabre family secrets, this issue unveils a diabolical ode to the darkness that lurks within this no-longer ignored (by us!) fatherly realm. So brace yourself, dear reader, for a journey into the heart of horror where fathers and fears intertwine, and the sinister side of paternal love awaits your trembling embrace.


Sum of the Parts by Ali Abbas Ali

The Merciful Deer Woman of the Forest, Who Ends the Suffering of Those Who Seek Her by Eliot Li

Mary and the Demon by Tricia Lowther

Cemetery Runway Lights by Rasmenia Massoud

Billy Rings Presents: HalfLife by Connor Mellegers

Wax People by Josh Pearce

Callings by William Wandless

God Backwards is Dog by Paul Wilson

Strawberries and Bayonets by Dorian Wolfe