Mother’s Day: No Holiday for the Hungry Denizens of Mother Nature by Gary Davis


beautiful Venus
bugged out by vegan mom
morphs into flytrap

near the dawn of time
Lilith wiped out Mother’s Day
ate all the babies

stepmom is now “it”
for her young cannibal brood
they play hide and eat

moms’ wicked night out
weekend before Mother’s Day

“insane asylum”
mom tells her mantis younglings
“dad lost his head”

drunk Wonder Woman
shoves her kid on playground swing
he’s launched into space

momma bear scolds cub
“no honey from bees—catch a
hunter wannabe”

hassled and frazzled
mom screams, “it’s kid’s day all year
on Mother’s Day too”


Gary Davis enjoys exercising his imagination through crafting dark and darkly humorous haiku and other forms of poetry. He finds haiku, in particular, both challenging and fun. Writing haiku is like doing a miniature Zen painting and, when you look at the painting, seeing something unexpected (and maybe scary in the case of horrorku). Mr. Davis has published haiku in Tales from the Moonlit Path, Scifaikuest, Star*Line, and Lupine Lunes (2016-2022). He has published other poetry in Tales of the Talisman, Bloodbond, Illumen, Spaceports & Spidersilk, Zen of the Dead and a sci-fi anthology, Kepler’s Cowboys (2014-2021).

Published 5/5/22