Introducing Our…

Halloween Special Edition Challenge!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Every horror lover adores Halloween. The love is multi-layered. It’s not just the dressing up and exposing your nerdy or slutty alter ego to the world, it’s also the Autumnal trance, that feel of a bitter winter coming, scary movies everywhere (and you don’t have to feel guilty about watching them in succession) and a general feeling of delicious fright and fear.

What would make our Special Halloween Edition even more frightful and appealing? One story dedicated to Halloween in a way that makes us and our readers shudder with delight. 

We’re not talking about fake Vampire teeth or apples at the bottom of the bag… we’re talking about stories that keep us up at night. Where we want to stop reading to check behind us, and every word is an unexpected giant Snickers bar that satisfies…



 You could earn $50 for the endeavor if your story is chosen King (or Queen) of Halloween. Rules and guidelines listed below:




  • Keep stories to under 2,000 words and please include word count in email.
  • Must be themed around Halloween.
  • Submit your story to
  • Submission must be in the body of the email, no attachments please.
  • Clearly label your submission “HALLOWEEN SPECIAL EDITION CHALLENGE: Last Name: Story Title”.
  • You are welcome to submit a story for both the challenge and regular magazine content but please, just one challenge submission.
  • Your challenge entry must not be submitted elsewhere.
  • Challenge submission deadline  is October 2, 2019 for possible inclusion in October 15, 2019 issue. Special Edition Issue will run to November 15, 2019, at which time the Holiday Issue will be published.
  • Honorable mentions will be published. Any challenge submission is your pre-approval of publication in our October 15, 2019 Special Halloween Issue without additional notification to you.
  • Best Halloween story (according to editors) will receive $50.