The Wailing Cries of Zaria Cane by Jason Brasier



Let me tell you a tale,
A fable of beauty and the profane,
A yarn in haunting detail,
Of the wailing cries of Zaria Cane.

Of her beauty it was hard not to glare,
Both men and women were bewitched,
Many wanted to go where none dared,
Her needs hitting a fever pitch.

From demon to demon her story passed,
Tale of her beauty soon reached hell,
Upon Lucifer a spell was cast,
The devil had become smitten as well.

He visited his high priest,
Said I must have Zaria right now,
The priest replied It will be a difficult feat,
Give whatever it takes, even a crown.

The seduction had begun fast,
The devil toyed with her mind,
Knowing forever she couldn’t last,
Giving into her sins in kind.

The devil worked very hard,
Harder than ever before,
But finally got Zaria’s card,
The end game no longer lore.

To his advances she held,
Her guard easily down it came,
Swimming into to the dark well,
She dove deep into the game.

Zaria Cane gave her own life, |
Sacrificed herself to the devil,
Whom she believed in her strife,
Not caring for good or evil.

He promised her she’d never die,
After she plunged his dagger in,
She’d be able to go and fly,
Being happy can’t be a sin,

But upon opening her eyes,
Nobody could see her at all,
Tears began to stream,
For Lucifer why did she fall, 

It is said to listen well at night,
For she is always near,
Her ghostly soul always in flight,
Being forgotten was her fear.

Of no peace she could confide,
Her spirit starting to go insane,
Nowhere to run and hide,
From the wailing cries of Zaria Cane.


Jason Brasier has written poetry since he was a teenager and self-published his first collection called The Gospel of Mankind: Poetry and Societal Constructs, during quarantine. He is also an award- winning filmmaker and educator.

Published 8/12/21


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