The Darkest Part of Your Heart by L.A. Story


The moment my existence was caught
On the thorn of your attention, I knew.
I felt it like an icy breeze running
Up from the base of my spine
During the intense throes of August.

I felt your passionate glances
Steadily for weeks.
You followed me and I knew
There was no escaping you, but
At least I was no longer alone.

You were so clever,
Edging ever closer.
I knew it was you, shrouded
In the deepest shadows
Behind my house.

Nightly, I felt your regard –
A cold pocket of utter stillness –
In the midst of a frenetic world
And I longed for the peace
Of that stillness.

You finally ended the torture
For both of us when you
Surprised me in the shower.
You pulled me, wet and naked,
From my humid cocoon and
Took me down to the cool floor tiles
And covered me with your body.

You seemed shocked when
I released a cry of relieved
Wonder instead of a scream
as you pushed that sharp,
Cold length of steel into my
Chest and I reached up with
Both hands to cup your face.

I looked into your glittering
Gaze and felt the agony that
Connected us and I knew
What you could not speak.
I knew that you would always
Love me from the depths of
The darkest part of your heart.


L.A. Story is a professional daydreamer and a naturalized Mississippian. She lives in an enchanted forest with her husband, a druid poet. She lives near her four brilliant children – whom she believes are scary smart with world domination potential. Among said children, two have managed to produce five grandchildren who are possessed of an equally frightening intellect.

L.A. has been an award-winning staff writer and columnist. Her poetry and fiction have also been widely published. She has been both a Rhysling and James Baker award nominee and a 2019 Darrell Award Finalist. 

Published 2/11/21

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