Nameless by Rayn Roberts


Three am she lies down to rest in the motel

a knife plunges in darkness

she opens wide 

her eyes–

Morning lovers noisy sex next room wake her

still in her

party dress

She lifts the phone, gets the cops on the line

(I wanna report a murder)

Name when 

where address?

(Silverton Motel my room three am)

You discovered a body there?

(Yes, in my bed

the knife’s still in her chest)

You know… the victim?  (Yes, me, she said)


Rayn Roberts is found in printed anthologies and journals.  He is the author of  Jazz Cocktails and Soapbox Songs, The Fires of Spring and Of One and Many Worlds. In his home state, Washington, he’s often heard at local readings and KSER Radio FM 90.7 for PoetsWest. He hosts an excellent reading at Green Lake Public Library, Seattle.  His latest book, These Boys, These Men, will be out in late 2019.  TBA


Published 8/15/19