Top 13 Locations to Run into a Supernatural Being (& Why)

1) Transylvania… cuz duh…

Just one of the many graveyards in Transylvania

2) Pennyslvania. It’s a Sylvania thing!

3) Your dreams. Cheaper than flying to Romania!

4) The rest of Romania. Transylvania takes up only about 25-30% of Romania, and the rest of it is pretty creepy, too.

5) Any basement. Darkness, spiders, cobwebs, mold, plumbing noises, hidden floors, all things supernatural beings love!

6) Any attic. For those supernatural beings that like to be on top.

7) The space between the walls in your house. Want to prove me wrong? Go get the hammer.

8) Secret rooms. Is your house big enough to accommodate one? Better check the blueprints to make sure!

9) A nursery. No, not a plant nursery, a baby nursery because everyone knows that babies are the supernatural entities top pick for possession.

10) Okay, a plant nursery, too. Think pods and body snatchers, and Venus Fly traps.

11) Prom…. Jamie Lee, Carrie…. talk about teen spirit!

12) Small graveyards. Because they get sick of one another and want to be social.

13) Large graveyards. It’s a numbers game.. and they know you have less opportunity to escape.

3/1/19 by Staff

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