Halloween Challenge


Thank you to everyone who submitted their stories to our Halloween Challenge. We received 4x the number of usual submissions (We guess you all like horror movies!). The winner of our challenge is Megan Diedericks with her exceptional story The First and the Last. An inspired tale that not only has movie quote roots but biblical roots, as well. 


Congratulations to the 8 Honorable Mentions, also. We were thrilled to see every one of our quotes brought to life in various ways and look forward to reading more of your fantastic stories in future challenges!


Grand Prize Winner

The First and the Last by Megan Diedericks


Honorable Mentions

(in alphabetical order only)

The Visitors by Chelsea Comeau

Demons on the Wind by Craig Crawford

Your Biggest Fans by Carson Frederiksen

The Procured by Andrew Heymann

A Funny Story by Axel Kohagen

Hybristophilia by Paola Martucci

Wayward Sisters by K.M. McKenzie

Oh Yes, There Will Be Blood by Allanah Osborn

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