Hallowe’en by DJ Tyrer


I’ll tell you a story on Hallowe’en night
As the trick-or-treaters from door to door head
I promise that I will give you a fright
If you promise me you aren’t one of the dead
For this is the night when the veil grows thin
That separates those passed over from those left behind
And the dead return to visit their kin
Judging the living just as they find

They say graves open on Hallowe’en
As children gleefully go about their task
And that not every horror that is seen
Is a reveler wearing a mask
And things exit certain forbidden places
To walk the streets wearing stolen faces

(Originally published in Sirens Call, October 2021)


DJ Tyrer dwells on the northern shore of the Thames estuary, close to the world’s longest pleasure pier in the decaying seaside resort of Southend-on-Sea, and is the person behind Atlantean Publishing. They studied history at the University of Wales at Aberystwyth and have worked in the fields of education and public relations. When not writing fiction, they enjoy roleplaying, wargaming, and the arcane art of conlanging. DJ’s poems have appeared in The Rhysling Anthology 2016Dwarf Stars 2022Gargoylicon and Vampiricon, and issues of Enchanted ConversationThe HorrorzineJourn-ELovecraftianaScifaikuestSirens CallSpectral RealmsStar*Line, and Tigershark.





Published 10/31/23

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