FICTION – BVD Issue 2020

Welcome to our Bloody Valentine’s Day Issue! 

February 14th of every year is a polarizing day. You either love it or you hate it. For those of us who are lucky enough to only know magical Valentine’s Days, well, you’re in for a treat on these pages. We are delighted to offer you a delicious box of stories, each with their own caramel-y, nougat-y, truffle-y insides to tempt you into the darkest realms of this “read” holiday. 

And no fair sniffing or poking the bottoms – they must be thoroughly savored on the palate like a luxuriant Cabernet. If your Valentine’s Day isn’t at least magical and passionate, we hope that it is creative, and at least, just a wee bit, dark.



Courtship to ç by Brenda Anderson

All the World was Shadow by Thomas Canfield

Night Walkers by Barry Charman

Edith’s Promise by Robert Freel

Cook Me a Storm by Elizabeth Guilt

Thicket by Christine Makepeace

Love Your Pet by Carl Papa Palmer

In Season by Rachel Unger