Forbidden Haibun: The Doting Mother by Francis W. Alexander


as they lower his mother’s coffin
he tearlessly watches

Thunder: the fight over Mom’s estate has begun. Poison oak: his smirk when his sister notes how Mom doted over him. Drought: memories of the love he’s shown to his mother.

he gets the house, some dolls
and his baby bonnet

Evening lull: he throws the bonnet away along with the dolls. Dawn: he awakens with the bonnet sitting smug on his head. Mother’s Day: on the bed sits a doll with his doting mother’s smile.    

Francis Wesley Alexander, a six-time Rhysling nominee is the author of I Reckon (Bottom Dog Press), a book of haiku and haibun; and When the Mushrooms Come (Alban Lake), a science fiction book of drabbles. Wes has had poems published in numerous publications, including IllumenScifaikuest, The Martian WaveTales from the Moonlit PathSpaceports and SpidersilkNight to Dawn, and Space and Time.  

Published 5/6/21

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