Top 10 Signs You Might Be in a Horror Flick

  1. Having a bad day? Maybe you’re stuck inside a horror flick….

    You find yourself continually looking up and marveling at the full moon that hovers seemingly forever in the same spot in the sky.

  2. You’re not quite sure but you think you hear dogs barking in the distance, or is that wolves baying? When did the lawn turn into sludgy moors?

  3. You have that cloying feeling of being watched from the endless supply of darkness around you.

  4. You’re female, and every time you have the urge to run you fall down after just a few steps.

  5. A cat jumps out at you from… a window, closet, behind a door, bathtub or attic crawlspace.

  6. You’re a teenager. Oh, and you’re feeling particularly horny this evening.

  7. There’s an inordinate amount of ground fog swirling about.

  8. The other horny people around you are disappearing fast.

  9. After looking into the mirror, you turn away and feel your mirrored self continuing to look back at you.

  10.  Either the phone lines are cut or you have no cell reception, depending, of  course, on the decade you’ve fallen into. Either way, you’re pretty much screwed and can no longer rely on help from the outside world. Who, let’s face it, probably wouldn’t put down their bucket of popcorn to help you anyway.

3/1/19 by Staff