Halloween Challenge Winners 10-29-20


There are several reasons why many of us are longing for Halloweens of the past. 2020 hasn’t exactly been kind, and there is a certain romantic allure to “quiet” fright… The thrill we get from dark castle corridors or the insidious terror that lurks like a whisper behind costumed children and  brightly-lit jackolanterns.

Our challenge winner, Haunted Halloween by Lela E. Buis, is a celebration of life in death, and of love that reverberates between hard and soft reality, all while honoring the essence of Halloween.

We asked for vintage Halloween stories and our authors answered our call with enthusiasm. These stories are best enjoyed with chocolate treats from a plastic pumpkin, washed down with an overflowing glass of milk. Light some candles to welcome the shadows, and allow yourself to realize, this Halloween, that what might sound like an innocent tree limb scraping the window, might just be a lost soul from the past determined to weave their way into the texture of your soul.




Haunted Halloween by Lela E. Buis


(in alphabetic order only)

Red Sun, Red Sky, Red by Judy Freni
Tricksters by Amanda Lang
Bloody Nostalgia by Bernardo Villela
Not Dead to Me by Nancy Yang