With Demonic Love by Kerri Brown


Do you ever feel like you are being watched? Because that is how I feel all the time. I often find myself in a sense of unease with the unknown. An uncanny experience that has no logical explanation. Hearing something in the attic when you know you are alone. Knowing that someone has died where you live and feel that something must be there. This is what lingers in my mind. I suppose that everyone is receptive on different levels. At times, I wish I had a sixth sense that would allow me to see what others do not. That way I would not have to fear what I cannot see.

That is not to say that I haven’t had ‘experiences’, because I have. It happened when I was a child. I once saw my grandmother at the end of my bed. I was so unsure as to why she was at my house as she lived many miles away. She reached down and rubbed my ankle through the covers. It was something that she had always done to soothe me. I just figured that she must have come for a late visit, and went back to sleep. 

My grandmother had passed away during the night. My parents didn’t believe me when I said I saw her, and felt her rub my ankle. They said it was ‘only a dream’. But I know what I experienced.

After that time, I became more interested in the unknown. And as I got older, I decided to delve deeper into the world of the paranormal. Desperate to find any proof that confirmed what I experienced as a child. My parents never supported me in my interests. They always said that I was crazy and looking for answers that simply were not there. But I wouldn’t let them stop me. I would find proof that there is more out there. Unfortunately, there are always people who do not believe. My best argument involves aliens. Surely, we are not the only planet in the entire universe that is suitable for life? The aliens may not be the type to burst out of your chest like in the films, but surely there is other life out there. That is my point with the paranormal. You cannot say that there are no spirits unless you have concrete proof on your point. The same way you can’t say that there are spirits. This is why I was conducting the research and experiments. To find proof.

This is how I ended up meddling in what should not be meddled in. I remember my grandmother told me not to mess with Ouija boards. She always said that you never know what you are inviting in and once the door is open, it cannot fully be closed. I really should have listened to her, but I was arrogant and certain that nothing would go wrong. Of course, I was completely wrong. I let something in that I shouldn’t have. You know how when you watch horror movies, they always manage to summon a demon that refuses to leave? Well, that happened to me. For months I was fighting the aftereffects of what I had invited in and it was not easy to fix my mistake. Thankfully many different religions have various ways of tackling that sort of situation, but I never should have put them in the position where they had no other choice but to get involved.

I suppose I should really say what had happened to make me get outside help involved. It started off with little things like, footsteps and banging on the walls and feeling like I could see something out of the corner of my eye. I just shrugged it off. I blamed the footsteps and banging on my neighbours. They weren’t too happy when I asked them to keep it down. We don’t get on anymore. It wasn’t too long before it escalated to hearing growling from the darkness in the corner of the room. Now that did freak me out. That wasn’t something I could easily explain away because I don’t have any pets and neither did my neighbours. I knew it was time to find help when I experienced what the doctors called ‘sleep paralysis’. I woke up in my bed one night unable to move at all. I was definitely awake, and I saw a shadow moving around my room as the growling got louder and louder until I sat up, finally able to move, and screamed. The doctor told me sleep paralysis is a frightening experience and people have been known to hallucinate.

I was feeling depressed, and exhausted because I was too afraid to sleep. Too afraid to see the shadow in the darkness again. I decided enough was enough. I went to a church but was redirected to medical help. They don’t believe it is demonic when it could be a medical illness, which I understand why they think that way, but I needed help. I was lucky to enlist the help of a shaman. He listened to what I had experienced, and asked if I had contacted a medical professional. Once I explained that I had been to the doctor and just couldn’t live like that anymore, he performed an exorcism. After the exorcism, he asked if I still had the Ouija board I had used. He said that the board provided a foothold to our world for the demon. He took the board outside and burnt it. After it was burnt, a weight lifted off my shoulders. The air felt lighter, and the house felt cleaner. 

But that doesn’t take away everything that happened to me. The fear that I felt living inside my own home. The place I am meant to feel safe shouldn’t be filled with darkness. Because of this whole thing, I cannot live here anymore. I have decided that it would be best to move on to somewhere new and to start over.

I hope you are happy here. I truly feel that way. But I believe in residual energy, and I believe that nothing is gone forever. So, consider this note a warning to you and your family (if you do not live alone). There could still be something here that will want to hurt you and I am sorry for any distress I have caused you.

With love


Published 5/5/22