Halloween 2018 Fiction

Thank you to all of the authors who submitted stories for our inaugural issue! We received so many fun, creative, spooky pieces it was extremely difficult to choose just ten. We know that you will love our Halloween lineup, there’s a little bit of traditional Halloween “spirit,” a phobia that can kill you, a not-as-peaceful-as-you-think blanket of fall leaves and a host of others that whisper and scream of the dark side of nature and humanity.


Halloween Hotel by Dan Crawford

Neverland by Eddie Generous

When the Electric Clock Reads Midnight by Connor Greenaway

Road Trip by Blake Johnson

The Man Who was Afraid of Architecture by Hillary Lyon

Daddy’s Girl by W.T. Paterson

The Beautiful People by Angela Sylvaine

Beneath the Autumn Quilt by Wondra Vanian

Not Haunted by Rachel Watts

The Painted Woman by Rachel Weist