Where the Summer Ends by Rick Powell


Come to where the summer ends,
I will show you visions so cold,
We will gather among the leaves,
Whisper tales that were seldom told.

Come to where the summer ends,
We will encircle the dying firelight,
The flames will show us frightful scenes,
The embers will dim, but never our sight.

Come to where the summer ends,
You will never fear of being alone,
The moon will reveal such secret things,
Things that are better off not being shone.

Come to where the summer ends,
Your tired soul will no longer grieve,
The autumn winds will then trap you here,
Have no fear, for you will never leave.


Rick Powell lives in Oak Forest, Illinois. He is a lover of horror and dark fiction and his poetry and stories have appeared in numerous publications including Infernal Ink Magazine, and most recently, Lustcraftian Horrors: Erotic stories inspired by H.P. Lovecraft. His poetry books consist of the titles My Soul Stained My Seed Sour, and More Regrets Than Glories.

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Published 8/25/22