Sinister Summer Camp Challenge Winners


As summer is winding to a close, it’s a fitting time to celebrate the out of doors and the things that bump the tent canvas in the night. This year, our Summer Challenge asked for stories about summer camp. Hot, humid, buggy and that stink of wood smoke that permeates your clothes and your hair, so many of us have memories of those awkward, crazy times at summer camp – some good, some downright terrifying. These stories prove that none of us at Tales from the Moonlit Path wish to pitch a tent with you guys anytime too soon. But, we’ll happily read your stories by the light of a roaring bonfire.



Highway Flowers by Kathryn Nairn

HONORABLE MENTIONS (in alphabetical order only)

Double Dare You by Faith Allington

In the Bright, Green Wood by Donna J. W. Munro

Euro Camp of Dread by Charles Sartorius

Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Skogen