FICTION – 8-12-21


Summer, summer, summer-time! What’s hot, sticky, and blood laden? Yep, you guessed it, summer. And don’t go blaming the blood on those carnivorous mosquitoes, blame it on yourselves!

Most people adore the dog days of summer. The grueling heat, the strangling humidity – the blinding sun that turns your eyeballs into flaming meatballs (what’s wrong with you people?!)



In this issue we present you with a variety of stories that celebrate the bizarre, the sacred, and the truly inhospitable.

Much like summer, for those without access to AC or sunscreen.




The Boy’s Head by T.L. Beeding

The Interview by Heather Fleming

Arsonist’s Room by Tim Frank

Tarnish by April Grant

Iron Maiden by Caleb Greenough

The Devil’s Pulpit by Alexandra Grunberg

Danny by Donna J.W. Munro

It Sobs Wetly by Jeff Suwak

The Bluebells by DJ Tyrer

Once Upon a Star by Paul Wilson