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Welcome to our Demented Mother’s Day Issue!

The celebration of mothers goes back to ancient times. And we should expect as much, after all, women have been becoming mothers for eons and an eternity. In history and the media we have encountered all types of mothers – from the selflessness of Mother Teresa to the lunatic ravings of Mrs. Voorhees in the cult horror classic, Friday the 13th. Whatever your personal experiences with mothers has been, it’s safe to say that they’ve certainly made an impression on our lives.

Of course, when you walk along the moonlit path, you never know what you will run into. It might be a grieving mom who finds herself going to extreme lengths to gain control of destiny as in Philip Feiv Wolff’s story Foil. Or it could look like Lotty in Mia Dalia’s Sunshine Girl, who truly lived up to her name to set herself free from her own pernicious momma.


And, not to be outdone, our poets have crafted some twisted maternal verses for your enjoyment, in case the tulips and butterflies get to be a little too much.

However you choose to celebrate Mother’s Day, we hope that in addition to the obligatory card and flowers you’ll surely be ‘surprising’ your own momma with, you’ll peek through the virtual pages of our holiday offerings.

Thank you for joining us and for supporting our authors and poets!


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