A Bewitching Holiday: Valentine’s Falls Between Halloween and Walpurgisnacht by Gary Davis


fat date broke her broom
witch plots Valentine revenge
this Walpurgisnacht

my sightless vampire
kissed my eyes on Valentine’s
I’m blinded by love

three hippie lovers
lunge into Valentine tryst
two hearts twined, one burst

two vampire lovers
have heart-to-heart exchange
for dinner cocktails

Sue’s Valentine cards
feature big round holes
go by witch-mail

Valentine candy
rock hard, broke my canines
Halloween regift

husband’s Valentine
tossed from embittered wife
his lover’s dead heart

grief-struck widower
still gets dead wife’s Valentine
one-second airmail


Gary Davis enjoys exercising his imagination through crafting dark and darkly humorous haiku and other forms of poetry. He finds haiku, in particular, both challenging and fun. Writing haiku is like doing a miniature Zen painting and, when you look at the painting, seeing something unexpected (and maybe scary in the case of horrorku). Mr. Davis has published haiku in Tales from the Moonlit PathScifaikuestStar*Line, and Lupine Lunes (2016-2021). He has published other poetry in Tales of the TalismanBloodbondIllumenSpaceports & SpidersilkZen of the Dead and a sci-fi anthology, Kepler’s Cowboys (2014-2021).

Published 2/10/22



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