Our Great Outdoors issue offers up a wide range of stories for you to enjoy. Whether you’ve always wondered how you can survive a bear attack or what a bigfoot-like creature might do if offended and suffer mental anguish in this politically correct world, our twelve stories will delight and intrigue you, long after the sun goes down and the fireflies come out to play!


Abominable by Mike Clark

You’ll Come Back by Caroline Crook

The Choice by Max Griffin

Worm Song by Miriam H. Harrison

You’re All the Same by Anne Karppinen

Untitled by George Oliver

The Clearing by Tricia Lowther

Sepsis by N.M. Nichols

The Polite Thing by Chrissie Rohrman

Fair Game by Marge Simon

Surviving a Bear Attack: A How To by Lena Ng

Dreaming Epidermis by Louise Worthington